Articles About Downsizing


Minimalism, a Form of Downsizing

I’ve just finished reading the book Minimalism: live a meaningful life by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus and saw many parallels to the downsizing we talk about in this space. While these two men held high paying, high power positions in a big business setting, they were discontent with … [Read More...]

Book Marketing Challenge: Going Forward: Downsizing, Moving and Settling In

I'm honored to be involved with The Book Marketing Challenge. To join me on this exciting journey just click on the image for your FREE ACCESS PASS. I'll be blogging over there as well as participating in the daily assignments to create more visibility for my book Going Forward: Downsizing, … [Read More...]

reasons to downsize

3 Main Reasons to Downsize

As I see it, there are only three main reasons to downsize. They can overlap a bit, but are essentially different. 1. Need to reduce the number of belongings to feel your space is larger. This is the easiest reason. Maybe you have too much stuff and it’s bothering you. Maybe you’ve decided to … [Read More...]

Extreme Downsizing Update

A few months ago when I blogged about my “extreme downsizing” I was still struggling with the reality of having to let so much of my life go to fit into a tiny apartment. Well, I thought it was time for an update on this, in case any of you are in this position. Or something to think about if and … [Read More...]

downsize negativity

Downsize Negativity

Downsize negativity? What’s that? And how does it fit with downsizing possessions? Well, with all that’s been going on in the world these days, we can see how some disasters claim our possessions, and it’s very easy to become negative and depressed about everything. And that can spill over into our … [Read More...]

Articles About Organizing

organized and organizing

What is organization and being organized?

When we think about clutter and disorganization, the first thing that usually comes to mind is what our living space or office look like. What’s out of place, if it even had a place. But being organized is about more than that. I believe that clutter collects not only in our physical … [Read More...]

home inventory

The importance of a home inventory: an organizing task

Welcome to today’s guest blogger, Penny Catterall, Owner and Founder of Order Your Life, LLC, of Washington DC. She addresses a very important topic, one that I believe we all need to take care of as soon as we can. I never realized how important it was to have a good home inventory system until … [Read More...]


Organizing a Book Marketing Project

I’ve been absent from my blog for a while and must tell you where I’ve been during this time. Well, I’ve been learning about book marketing and have just completed D’vorah Lansky’s 30-Day Book Marketing Challenge. Whew! Off the top, I must tell you that I’ve taken several courses with D’vorah … [Read More...]

Beauty Bounty

Organize Your Beauty Bounty

Are you one who collects all those little bottles of shampoo, hand lotion etc. when you stay at hotels, or receive as samples in department stores? Do you ever use them? If you don’t they’re clutter and now is the time to organize them! Do you have several kinds of shampoo and hair conditioner … [Read More...]

earth day 2014

Earth Day 2014–a different look at organizing

Earth Day has popped up so quickly this year, I wasn’t organized to write something for it! But I can’t let it pass without jotting (read typing) a few thoughts about the day and what’s behind it. It occurs to me that working to save our world from whatever looks like it’s sure to destroy earth … [Read More...]