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Downsizing vs Minimalism

I'm honored to be over at Helena Kalivoda's blog today talking about Downsizing and Minimalism. Is there a difference between downsizing and minimalism? With so much published lately about minimalism, I'm beginning to wonder if the two are regarded as the same. What do you think? Why not drop … [Read More...]

Make a Mental Move to Downsize

While we talk about downsizing our possessions and home, many times it’s out of fear of doing just that. If such a situation were in the near future, the idea of going through all our belongings and selecting only a fraction of them to come with us to our smaller home, is daunting to say the … [Read More...]

Downsizing and Minimalism

I must confess that during the extreme downsizing I did several months ago, minimalism was no-where on my radar. However in recent weeks, I’ve discovered this interesting new way to live. And it’s not as extreme as the name implies. Just to clarify, I subscribe to minimalism as a means to an … [Read More...]


Minimalism, a Form of Downsizing

I’ve just finished reading the book Minimalism: live a meaningful life by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus and saw many parallels to the downsizing we talk about in this space. While these two men held high paying, high power positions in a big business setting, they were discontent with … [Read More...]

Book Marketing Challenge: Going Forward: Downsizing, Moving and Settling In

I'm honored to be involved with The Book Marketing Challenge. To join me on this exciting journey just click on the image for your FREE ACCESS PASS. I'll be blogging over there as well as participating in the daily assignments to create more visibility for my book Going Forward: Downsizing, … [Read More...]

Articles About Organizing

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Be Organized: Clear Your Inner and Outer Clutter

Today I welcome Helena Kalivoda as guest blogger. Helena is the author of a number of books, most recently AWAKEN! Spirit is Calling. Inner and Outer Clutter: Do you know that the clutter of your environment is directly linked to the clutter in your mind? When your mind is cluttered, it is not … [Read More...]

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Pasta, Poppy Fields and Pearls–the book

Today's post is an interview in which two characters from the book Pasta, Poppy Fields and Pearls are chatting about how one of them is more organized than the other. The book is by my friend and colleague Laura Houseman, aka Sophia Bar-Lev. She sets up the interview from here: My novel, PASTA, … [Read More...]

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Be Organized about Commitments: Avoid Activity Clutter

Fall is fast approaching here in the Northern Hemisphere, and all those activities that were on hold for the summer will be starting up again. Before they do, take some time to evaluate whether they’re worth your time or not. Being organized about this helps avoid activity clutter. Any activity … [Read More...]

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9 Simple Ways to be Financially Organized Part 2

This is Part 2 of guest blogger Pamela Charmichael's 9 Simple Ways to be Financially Organized:   7. Automate, automate, and automate In this tech-age, your life can be made a lot easier if you take advantage of the technology available to you. Setting up standard weekly or monthly … [Read More...]

Pamela Carmichael

9 Simple Ways to be Financially Organized Part 1

We welcome Pamela Carmichael, Financial Services Professional and Author to talk about being Financially Organized. This is just as important as being organized physically, emotionally, spiritually and in all other possible ways. Read on for some excellent advice:   How organized are you … [Read More...]