Articles About Downsizing

Single paper christmas ball with 2015 new year. Vector illustration.

Downsize the New Year’s Goal Setting

It’s that time of year again when all the Facebook status updates, Tweets, magazine articles, blog posts, and so on, are talking about New Year’s Resolutions. I say it’s time to downsize these, or perhaps more correctly, right-size them. How many years have we made a list of changes we wanted in … [Read More...]

Gift Box

Downsizing the Christmas Wrap

If you grew up in a family like mine, you were taught to recycle all possible gift wrap to use for the next appropriate event. The concept of downsizing it was as foreign as it could possibly be back then! Anything disposed of was well beyond another use, under any circumstances. My aunt even ironed … [Read More...]

Plaster And Heart

How to Prepare to Downsize?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? It’s actually a bigger question than the words indicate. Preparing to downsize includes four dimensions: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. Assuming the downsizing is to move to a smaller home, whatever shape that may take, here are the steps I … [Read More...]

Downsizing vs Minimalism

I'm honored to be over at Helena Kalivoda's blog today talking about Downsizing and Minimalism. Is there a difference between downsizing and minimalism? With so much published lately about minimalism, I'm beginning to wonder if the two are regarded as the same. What do you think? Why not drop … [Read More...]

Make a Mental Move to Downsize

While we talk about downsizing our possessions and home, many times it’s out of fear of doing just that. If such a situation were in the near future, the idea of going through all our belongings and selecting only a fraction of them to come with us to our smaller home, is daunting to say the … [Read More...]

Articles About Organizing

finding time to organizxe

Finding Time to Organize

Do you have a difficult time finding that time to organize? Seems that this is one of the hardest things to do but it actually doesn’t need to be. It’s about changing our habits to include organizing. This can be really easy. Here’s how: 1. Focus on one thing a time: Rather than stressing about … [Read More...]

Hanging Files

Organizing Paper the Easy Way

Organizing paper is one of life’s challenges, especially how to file it so it’s available at a moment’s notice. This isn’t difficult with a good system. I recommend hanging folders in a filing cabinet, with a loose folder inside each one. When the loose folder is removed, it’s easy to see where … [Read More...]


Organizing Passwords

What’s to organize about passwords? And how does organizing them make any difference to anything? Isn’t it annoying that we need passwords for everything these days? Everything from logging onto a website to accessing our bank account to sometimes the ability to use our bank or credit card … [Read More...]

undeck the halls

10 Tips for Post-Christmas Organizing

I’m feeling like a little kid crying “It’s overrr!” Christmas arrived far too soon and now it’s gone for another year. How does that happen? So now the hard part begins—un-decking the halls. I always find this not only sad, but more actual work. Then I remind myself that organizing as I go will … [Read More...]

Christmas Wish List

Last Minute Organizing for Christmas

Only a few more days till December 25—ground zero for the festivities! How is your organizing coming along? This blog is intended to give you some ideas to “wrap up” your gift shopping in the easiest way possible. Here’s a short list of consumable gifts that can be used at any time during the … [Read More...]