Objects we can’t let go

This could be sub-titled Objects in Which We’ve Invested Dreams That Didn’t Happen. All that “stuff” that was going to be something beautiful one day that didn’t make the time or interest cut.

What does your “stuff” mean to you? Are you a collector of craft supplies (this is soooo beautiful, I can make….. with it), fabric (I can make….with this), knitting yarn (this will be good for ….)? Or are you a teacher who collects resources for use in your classroom?

Years ago, when I used to sew a lot, I purchased fabric whether I had a project in mind or not, and I know people today who tell me they do the same thing. It might be for clothing or quilting, but the end is the same—random collections and piles of fabric. Because of this, I understand how others are seduced into purchasing more supplies than they can possibly use in this lifetime. We’re investing in dreams that probably won’t happen.

With all good intentions, we fall into this trap. We dream of gifts we can make and give to specific people. We dream of beautiful warm quilts we can make to sell or give to friends and family to either hang on a wall or use on a bed. And we dream of having just the perfect resource to use to teach our children about … (fill in the blank).

But what if those dreams don’t come true? What if they’re sidetracked for any number of reasons? Is it worth having all the “stuff” cluttering your surroundings?

When I was forced to eliminate my fabric cache due to a move to smaller quarters, I was able to let almost everything go and haven’t missed a single inch (or cm) of it. So why did I hold it in such high regard? Probably because I wasn’t ready to let those dreams go. Now I know I would never have used most of that fabric if I’d kept it. So what purpose did it really serve?

Do you have collections of craft supplies or learning resources that you’re keeping that you can realistically let go? Why not begin today and weed out the bits you know deep in your heart you’ll never use? Then in a while, go back and do it again. Eventually you’ll feel lighter and less bogged down by impossible dreams.


© Moreen Torpy

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  1. Bernadette says:

    Thanks for this article. Needed the reminder! So true Moreen.

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