Electronics—the overload

iPods, iPads, iPhones, tablets, e-readers, Smart Phones, Android devices—how much technology is too much? Do we really need every device ever created? Maybe it’s time to let some go.

Knowing that many devices can do the same job as others, perhaps having just one general purpose piece of electronics would serve sufficiently. Now which one to keep and which ones to let go? I’m guessing the phone would be the keeper because it can do all the jobs of other devices plus it’s a phone. We can read books on our phone, take pictures with it, surf the Net with it, and invoke many other applications.

Speaking of applications—apps in common parlance—they can give us access to anything imaginable. There are even apps to help people become organized! My question though is how to see all the apps icons when the screen is cluttered with so many. Are all of them even used, or are they just there?

Using just one device makes keeping track of it easier. Only one item to grab on our way out the door. Check your daily schedule, listen to music and ask the GPS app how to get to your destination. It can serve as an alarm clock to wake you in the morning, as a timer to keep track of how long you’re doing an activity, even to play video games on. As far as I can see, the only thing an electronic device cannot do is drink the coffee you’re holding in your other hand.

Then there are all those spaghetti power cords. All gone once its partner device is gone—as long as you remember to pass along the cords with the device.

I’m confused when I see people plugged into an audio device while reading from an e-reader and talking on a phone at the same time. I wonder why just e device couldn’t take care of all these.

With technology changing so often, so many devices will be out-of-date soon. Then, will you replace everything? Or only the ones you use all the time?

What devices are you attached to, literally and figuratively? Do you need all of them? Please let us know in the comments box below?


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