De-clutter your mind

bigstock-Broken-Brain-35332142Does this title bring images of clothes and other stuff strewn about your cranium? What about snippets of thoughts playing tag around your grey matter? This may be a tad visual, but it does indicate how we can let junk accumulate where it need not be.

How to get rid of this, or even prevent it? Start now by pulling out some paper and pen, or opening a new document on your computer and write everything that occurs to you. This is a “brain dump” getting rid of all that stuff you’re carrying around that prevents you from thinking clearly.

Dump the junk

Journaling daily will help. Even free-form writing, even if it doesn’t make sense. Forget about punctuation, spelling, sentences or paragraphs. Just get it out.

Then there are those thoughts—the toxic ones that tell you you’re not enough, that you’ll never be good enough. Get rid of them right now! Do the same with that negative self-talk. This is just the same junk that the toxic thoughts are trying to foist on you. Let them go fast to enjoy life. Add this to your journal.

And relationships. Some of these can be toxic too and bring us down to the point where we begin to believe all the nasty things that swirl around in our heads. Eliminate them. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Write it down.

What about all that baggage you’ve been carrying that says you’re less than, the fears (of failure, of success, of anything at all)? Offload that too, the faster the better. You don’t need any of it. List these in your journal.

It takes work:

I don’t want to give the impression that this will be easy, or that it will happen all at once. It will take work and daily reminders, just as changing other habits require repetition to replace them with new habits. Chip away at that mind clutter and bit by bit you’ll realize you’re a new person with new, affirming thoughts.

Just like physical clutter, getting rid of mind clutter will set you free. It’s a powerful way to reclaim yourself. Why not do it?

Read and re-read your journal throughout this process to see how far you’ve come along the way to a peaceful mind. It can also keep you on track when you’re feeling unable to keep going at any point.

So, get out some paper or open a new Word doc and start writing. You’ll be glad you did. We’d love to hear about your progress in the comments area below…


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Moreen Torpy is the De-Clutter Coach, a Trained Professional Organizer, Author, and Speaker. Her new book is Going Forward: Downsizing, Moving and Settling In. See for more about the book including where to purchase it, and to learn about her organizing services and other books.





  1. Bernadette says:

    Well said Moreen! Always enjoy reading your articles. 🙂

  2. I used to carry so much information in my head related to current, future and possible client work, projects for my own business, as well as personal and household items – it was overwhelming. I recently started using a task manager (see where I record every single thing I need to do (unless it would be quicker just to do it) and at any given time there are between 200 and 300 items on my list, so it’s no wonder things would occasionally slip between the cracks. Now I am much more productive and much less stressed, because I’m constantly doing the brain dump which allows me to fully focus on what I’m doing at the moment.

    • Yes Janet, that’s why I write a to-do list. Actually a couple of them–the Master List which has everything I need to do on it and a Daily List with things that I intend to do today. Whatever doesn’t get done today moves to tomorrow’s list until the task is completed. I like the idea of using software though and will check the link you provided.

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