Virtual Book Tour


What is a Virtual Book Tour? It’s like the familiar book tour with the exception that it is done on-line instead of having the book’s author physically travel across the continent from one bookstore to another to promote the book.

The Virtual Book Tour for Going Forward: Downsizing, Moving and Settling In is going full steam now! Watch the list below to see where we are every day, then come back to check  for updates!

Prelude: August 9, 2013: book review by Janet Barclay, the Organized Assistant at:

Day 1:   August 12: guest blogger at Debbie Stanley’s site Thoughts In Order

Day 2:   August 13: I’m a Celebrity Author. Check out

Day 3:   August 14: guest blogger at Baby Boomer Media Drop by and read all about it!

Day 4:   August 15: Twitterview by Lynnette Phillips. Read the transcript here:

Day 5:   August 16: guest blogger at D’vorah Lansky’s site Become a Celebrity Author. Hop on over to read all about this at

Day 6:   August 19: guest blogger at Nancy Borg’s site Move the Mess where I’ve written about how Moving Takes Preparation. Read it at

Day 7:   August 20: interview by Kate Loving Shenk on BlogTalkRadio Kate Loving and the Collective Wisdom. Listen to the replay here:

Day 8:   August 21: guest blogger at Lorraine McCray Castle’s site Castle Virtual Solutions. Please drop by and read my post over there?

Day 9:   August 22: This is the last day of this Virtual Book Tour, so I thought it fitting to host you on my Amazon Central Author Page at: